Showcasing your brand with media placement

Showcasing your brand with media placement

Showcasing your brand with media placementShowcasing your brand with media placementShowcasing your brand with media placement

Y.N.T.S. P.R. Services

Crisis Management

Mistakes happen. When they do, You Need To Succeed Public Relations helps to fix them. Whatever was meant to hurt you, we shape and mold it to help you by providing alternatives and unique perspectives that are relatable to various people. We believe in being preventative and proactive instead of reactive, but when circumstances occur that are beyond your control, contact YNTS PR for assistance and we'll be there fast. 

Media Relations

  Covering the appropriate internet, print, television, and radio outlets for your business and to your targeted audiences are a YNTS PR specialty, in addition to image consulting. We make sure you look good when others see you.  Owner Valon Beasley single-handedly landed one of our former first small business clients on TMZ and connected them with communities through sponsorship requests. That business is now a franchise in two states.

About Y.N.T.S. P.R.

Knowledge & Experience

Two decades ago, in the year of 2000, former teacher & YNTS PR Founder Valon Beasley coordinated fashion and talent show fundraisers for teens that received both monetary and product donations from national companies, in addition to national press. That was just the beginning. Before developing into a New York City Certified Minority and Woman-Owned Enterprise and New York State Corporation, YNTS PR was a sole proprietorship that wrote resumes for parents, campaign literature for politicians, & bios for musical artists. Since then, YNTS PR has styled and booked artists, musicians, and other VIPS, in addition to being integral to a pilot for a television show  that is now in its 4th season on WE TV.

Building Great Reputations

Establishing credibility is essential to YNTS PR; we deliver every time, on time. Your marketing materials by YNTS PR will be unique. Your media placement by YNTS PR will be memorable. Your event coordinated by YNTS PR will be well-attended  by smiling faces who come early and stay until the end. Revenue increases. Customers increase. Awareness of you, increases.


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Y.N.T.S. P.R.  believes that a business with a great public relations team can make a great impact on a community and ultimately, the world. 

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